March Madness (Bath Madness that is)

March is here and we are celebrating by throwing all of our Milk Bath's and Bath Tea's on Sale!

Why Bathe in an Oatmeal Milk Bath:  REnU Luxury Oatmeal & Milk Bath Soaks are comprised of Oatmeal which soothes away skin irritations and Milk & Goat Milk Powders to help moisturize and soften your skin as well as Dead Sea Salts & Epsom Salts to ease your sore muscles.  All scented with Essential Oils to help RE-lax and RE-balance both your mind and body.

Why Bathe in Green Tea?  Because our Green Tea Bath Tea's help to Detoxify skin, Delay Skin aging, Heal sores and wounds, Firm and Balance skin tone, RE-juvinates skin cells, fights inflammation, Improves Psoriasis, treats and prevents Acne and can aid in healing skin conditions such as bug bites, poison ivey and rashes.